Diversity & Inclusion
at Vimcar


Some trips take longer than others. For Vimcar, our Diversity & Inclusion strategy is one of those trips. We recognise that we still have a long way to go when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. This trip will take time, but our goal is to foster a growing sense of belonging for everyone at Vimcar.

On this page, you will find relevant information regarding our status quo, as well as our upcoming initiatives.


DEI Strategy

Focus Groups

We aim to give our employees a voice and an outlet to share their perspectives and experiences. The DEI Focus Groups are a training to raise awareness on DEI topics but also a chance for our employees to bring ideas, initiatives and topics to the table. We believe that the key to fostering a sense of belonging at Vimcar, is including our employees in the conversations.



We believe strongly in open communication and transparency, but also recognize the value and insight that comes from the safety of anonymity. For the past year we have been using Peakon, our anonymous feedback tool which gives us the opportunity to understand how our employees feel. In addition to engagement and health and well-being, we have integrated a question catalogue that specifically focusses on diversity, equity and inclusion. We will continue to use the results for our prospective initiatives and discussions.

Compensation Analysis

We are analysing our internal compensation data from a DEI perspective, to uncover any gaps or inequalities in terms of salary distribution at Vimcar. This analysis will help direct future initiatives for ensuring fair and transparent salaries across various segments, including gender, tenure, age and nationality.


Code of Conduct

Vimcar is introducing a Code of Conduct to proactively foster an environment that promotes and includes all forms of diversity. The document has to be accepted by every employee and should solidify inclusive behaviors but also be a reference for which actions and behaviours we will not tolerate. We apply the Code of Conduct in all interactions between colleagues on a daily basis.

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