Finance & Operations

We secure Vimcar's financial
and operational stability.


Our Operations team manages three of Vimcar's core business processes, which are logistics, invoicing and dunning. We send our product's hardware to customers and make sure our service is paid for. Additionally, we provide helpful support for customers if they have any questions concerning their orders and contracts.

The Finance team at Vimcar is responsible for financial planning, accounting, payment processing, controlling, and reporting as well as contributing to larger, cross-functional projects.
There are a broad range of tasks associated with these responsibilities, and we are
utilizing modern tools to enable high quality, speed and strong growth. Working in Vimcar's
Finance team means interacting with a lot of colleagues across all teams regularly and
contributing to sustainable growth together.


"Finance & Operations are central functions at Vimcar that enable smooth day-to-day
operations and ensure economic success of the company. "

Michael Cikanek
VP Finance & Operations

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